Protecting Alberta Homes Against Basement Flooding in Leduc, Alberta

If you own a house in Edmonton, you likely have a sump pump. A basement filled with water is any homeowner’s worst nightmare. Weeping tile systems and sump pumps prevent underground and overflow water from damaging your property. Unfortunately, weeping tile can get clogged or break, and sump pumps often fail. If you currently have water in your basement, you live in an older building, or your sump pump is getting on in years, don’t hesitate to call for a professional opinion. Your home is too valuable an investment to put at risk.

Avoid the Threat of a Flooded Basement

Action Alberta Foundation can repair damaged weeping tile, ensure your sump pump is working properly, and even set you up with an emergency backup system.

With convenient scheduling, prompt service and reasonable rates, the professionals at Action Alberta Foundation will keep you dry and confident knowing your basement is adequately protected. Regular maintenance of your sump pump will ensure you’re not panicking during that next rain storm.

Don't cry over damaged weeping tiles; Call us today for a quick fix.

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